I was in a “SOOPER SECRET” creative writing/book club in college, and we called ourselves “The Inkblots.” And since our club was “SOOPER SECRET,” we all decided we ought to have code names. Each of our code names was something we loved/something people associated with us, and the suffix “-blot” at the end.

We couldn’t think of one for me, until I mentioned that my favorite kind of dog is a dachshund. This led to one of my friends going on a tangent about how she once had a dappled dachshund, which her family nicknamed the “dappeldachus,” because it sounded like a dinosaur. From this, we all got the bright idea to take the “dachus” part off the end and make that my blot name.

So I became the Dachusblot.

The umlaut was added later, and is completely unnecessary. I’m sorry for that.



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