This blog is part personal public humiliation project, part self-indulgent rambling space, part unhealthy procrastination tool. Usually all of that at once.


Some months ago my parents unearthed a big box of old notebooks that I’d written stories in when I was a kid. Altogether, there are over forty of these notebooks, and I plan to transcribe them all onto this blog, interspersed with sarcastic commentary, gifs, and (occasionally) thoughtful reflections. My hope is that it will not only be fun for me, but might actually be entertaining for other people as well, and may even present an interesting case study in how a young mind and a fictional world can evolve over time. Mainly this is all for my own benefit, though if you find it interesting to read about someone relearning who they used to be in the most embarrassing way possible, then by all means, read on!

I’ll be updating the “Old Notebooks” series every Friday. In the past I’ve been really terrible at keeping up with my blogs, so I will do my best to actually stay on schedule this time.

Start with the intro to the Old Notebooks series here.


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